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    Fallopia japonica, commonly known as Japanese knotweed, is a large, herbaceous perennial plant of the family Polygonaceae, native to East Asia in Japan, China and Korea. In North America and Europe the species is very successful and has been classified as an invasive species in several countries. In Australia, it is illegal to have any of this species growing on one's property.
    Japanese knotweed has hollow stems with distinct raised nodes that give it the appearance of bamboo, though it is not closely related. While stems may reach a maximum height of 3–4 m (9.8–13.1 ft) each growing season, it is typical to see much smaller plants in places they sprout through cracks in the pavement or are repeatedly cut down. The leaves are broad oval with a truncated base, 7–14 cm (2.8–5.5 in) long and 5–12 cm (2.0–4.7 in) broad, with an entire margin. The flowers are small, cream or white, produced in erect racemes 6–15 cm (2.4–5.9 in) long in late summer and early autumn.
    Resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a stilbenoid, a type of natural phenol, and a phytoalexin produced naturally by several plants in response to injury or when the plant is under attack by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi.[5] Food sources of resveratrol include the skin of grapes, blueberries, raspberries, and mulberries.[6] As of 2015, there is limited evidence of health effects in humans.Resveratrol is a phenolic compound that has been found to have strong antioxidant activity. Resveratrol has been shown to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. There have been numerous studies that show the benefits of moderate red wine consumption on health. Red wine is fermented with the antioxidant-potent grape skins present; some studies suggest that the intake of red wine (and therefore resveratrol) may yield cholesterol-lowering effects.
    1. Effect on cardiovascular system.
    2. Anti-cancer.
    3. Nourish and protect liver.
    4. Impact on the - metabolism of osseous tissue.
    5. Antioxidant and quench free-radicals.
    6. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
    1. Functional food additive & health supplement.
    2. Pharmaceuticals.
    3. Cosmetics and personal care products.
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      A301, 1st building, 188# Huanbao Rd.,Changsha 410016, P.R. China   410000   Hunan  / China
    Tel : +8673182739210    Fax : 73182739210       

    Url : A301, 1st building, 188# Huanbao Rd.,Changsha 410016, P.R. China
    E-mail :
    Kontaktieren Sie Person : lucy   fu   /  Organic Herb Inc

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